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Why is Coaching so powerful?

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The principal of Coaching is far different from Consulting: while a consultant applies his own knowledge to create value, a coach leads his coachee to find the correct answers.
As a consequence, the coaching procedure takes more time. On the other hand, the results pay off almost eternally.

By our experience, the borderline between consulting and coaching is not sharp. Sometimes even the circumstances force us to adapt and apply whatever is possible.

It is for that reason, we use to integrate the coaching process into our consulting projects. We work as much as possible close and together with the respective teams.


Let us make your work easier.

Working methodically is the result of thinking. Even though, there are several key methods proven to be useful and which we should fully understand.

With theoretical explanation and application examples in your daily industrial life, we work together approaching:

- Quality assurance: principals, standardization and mind-set
- The VDA-Standard: Effort vs. Opportunity
- APQP: how to draw up a solid quality plan including risk assessment, FMEA and process validation
- Problem Solving: Ishikawa, 8D-Reports, QRQC
- Lean-Thinking: in productive and administrative areas


About personalities, respect and listening.

Today, global business leaders recognize that content, self-conscience and informed employees provide the highest rates of productivity and quality levels. The improvement of corporate human culture should rank highly on the priority list of HR management.

Easier to say than to do.

Business management needs to free itself of past habits and of internal rivalry and enrich itself in the experience in handling complex human relationships.

In group or individual sessions we approach:

- Principles of leadership
- Motivation and frustration drivers
- Dreams - Classification and realization
- Assertive communication
- Introduction to NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)

Winston Churchill said: "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
If true or not, we need to find the power which is inside us.
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Get an external view on yourself, your constraints and your business.

SMEs are typically driven by reaction rather than pro-active planning. Daily issues demand immediate response and as such, problem solving is prioritized over preparation for the future.
This is not all: Executives and managers sacrifice their private life in day to day crisis management.

Using the methodology of Executive Coaching, we break the vicious circle of management and support individuals with high responsibilities acting independently.

Together we conduct:

- Analysis and adjustment of priorities
- Definition of company / area strategy
- Short / Long term target definition
- Work / Life Balancing

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