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The industrial reality of each company depends largely of their scope of business, applied technology and, naturally, the internal status of evolution. It is for that reason that we seek to adapt our consulting project to each single customer and project - as a combination of the basics presented below.


Better know where you are before deciding where to go.

Not for nothing we like to propose the automotive standard audit procedure as the first step for your performance evaluation. If you want to get further, you better know where you are.

The VDA 6.3:2016 audit provides deep insight into your industrial reality. The different stages P2 to P7 cover project management system, product and process development, production performance, supplier coordination and finally customer satisfaction.

As certified auditors, we analyze your (or your suppliers) processes and give you exact information on the improvement potential.


About the power of planning, organisation and preventive action.

In general, industrial processes are defined by the QTC triangle - Quality / Timing / Cost. All these aspects are related and influence themselves, in all of them we need to have excellent results to be competitive.

To assure positive results we cannot wait until the problems arise - we have to identify and solve them as early as possible in the development process. This is done by acting proactively: designing a clear project charter, choosing the right team, define a clear road map plan, applying proper evalutation methods and taking decisions upon results. This is just to name a few.

We share our knowledge and experience to assist you on these tasks in order to make your projects successful. At lowest effort possible.

Automotive process philosophy is not exclusive to the automotive industry.
Good planning, consequent realization and clear assessment of results is beneficial for any endeavour.
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Keep the nerves chilled, the team motivated and the customer supportive.

We have validated our prototypes, built our tools, installed our production equipment, intent to validate our process and start series production.
This is the exciting (or critical) phase of any project, because it is here where shows the proof of our planning and preparation skills. It is in this phase where the technical difficulties meet pressure of schedule. Customer is requesting late but urgent modifications. Relationship is tense.
In order to keep up with the call for deliveries, we are forced to introduce additional effort: rework, 100% quality control, firewall and sorting at the customer site. The rest of the budget is melting away - or worse.

Do you have such situation?

With a methodic approach and structured work, we dig out the root cause of your problems, find and introduce solutions, report back to the customer and keep the frontier clear for your teams to breath and finish their job.


We finally are producing series - and do not lean back!

An industrial process is a wonderful thing - we get 100% perfect parts without checking or even doubting the result. At least, that is as it should be.

Often it is not like that, or even though, we surely can make it faster.

Well equipped with the LEAN process tool box and multiple optimisation projects in our backpack, we are at your side to improve your performance: from the single workstation to the whole plant organisation.

Why not get in touch? Just give us a call or send us an e-mail to evaluate together what's best for your business.
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