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Our Company

KOPPtec is a Portugal based consultancy firm with German speaking origins.
Both cultures build the DNA that we use to connect their businesses.

We have been building bridges between Portugal and the German Speaking Countries.

We dedicate ourselves to support companies in the areas of process and quality management, customer relationship, supplier development and strategic orientation.

We believe in human strength, assertive communication and the perfect definition of processes.

Our Principle - Quality

If you think that quality is expensive - try ignorance

“Quality” is perceived in many different ways.
The average consumer considers quality to be simply perfect, for industrial staff it is a functional area of the company, for others it is a waste of money.

For us, quality is the cornerstone of successful business, the basis for highly satisfied customers, the root of competitive production, the recipe to assure the future.

  • Quality is the art of producing exactly according to customer specification
  • Quality is assured by a well running process
  • Quality is achieved through proper product and process design
  • Quality is ambitious: usually it requires constant methodic improvement to reach top level

Our Concept

We use technical skill to improve processes, life experience to motivate people and cultural awareness to connect companies beyond borders.

Our Team

Ready to do whatever it takes.

Moritz Koppensteiner

Moritz founded KOPPtec out of his passion for Portugal and the need for support in the connection to the German culture - experienced over the 25 years he has been living in Portugal. He has the feeling that the external perception of the Portuguese industrie's performance is generally underestimated. So he made it his mission to correct that.
He is a graduated engineer, MBA, certified coach and VDA auditor experienced in technical development, automotive project management, company leadership and intercultural exchange.

Gerald Nussbaumer

Gerald represents the "German pillar of the bridge", being present in the target market supporting our customers locally. His solid skills in project and change management, in connection with international trade experience assure the strong basis for our common projects.
Gerald is graduated in Technical Physics, holds a six sigma black belt and has specific knowledge in battery development, e-mobility and photovoltaic energy production.

António Marta

António's task is to assure the right qualifications at our local corporate partners. Solid Quality Management skills gained in a decade of work as quality director, combined with successful consulting projects worlwide make him the right trainer for process and quality improvement.
Graduation in metallurgic engineering, a title as MBA and further certifications in Six Sigma and Lean Management round up his profile.

Alexandre Cruz

Alexandre is the real senior in our team. Already retired as an employee, he looks back on a professional career stuffed with responsability: as commercial, industrial, procurement and general director in multiple technical areas, he marked industry in Portugal and abroad.
We are simply proud to have him onboard to support us and our clients in main strategical questions.

Maren Looft

Maren brings a female perspective into our team, with a close, analytical approach to processes, performance and people. German, living in Portugal for 20 years, Maren knows from her very own experience the challenge of bridging both cultures. Time, awareness and openess to change are in her opinion essential ingredients for success.
Gratuated in Communication Sciences and certified as Lean Management Consultant, she collected years of experience in Logistics, Supply Chain Projects and Customer Relationship.

Our Cooperation Parters

Nobody is best alone.
For that reason we cooperate with partner companies of choice.


Scopus has been one of our principal cooperation partners in the international consulting business.
Based in Germany, they excel in quality, energy and environmental management with deep insight into ISO / IATF training and certification.


The digitalized world is one of the major challenges of our time.
With Bettertech we have found the right partner to support us and our customers in the field of customized software solutions for any kind of business or company.