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How Portugal and Germany can benefit from each other.

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Out of our position as German by origin and Portuguese by passion, we always have a view on both sides. Our goal is to prepare the field for all of us to play.
Please find below the input depending from which side you come from.

Exporting to Germany sounds difficult to you?

... let us show you the way!
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Internationalize to Germany the easy way.

The commercial process for exportation holds some complexity.
The internationalization to Germany is no exception, maybe even adds some more advanced requirements.

We have a set of useful competences: besides our technical skills, we know the culture, we are present in both countries and dispose of a significant network. We accompany your efforts in the whole process - from first contact, over the negotiation phase, through project development and series phase.

You are not alone to put yourself and your customer into the comfort zone.

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Do you want to combine price-level, service and quality?

... we speak your language!
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Get your purchasing targets fulfilled with goods from your European neighbours.

Portugal is often perceived wrongly as having an only basicly industrialised economy.
The truth lies in the contrary: Portugal has proficient suppliers for highly sophisticated products, industrial equipment and tools, with a highly specialized cluster for plastic injection tooling which ranks on world class performance.

Domestic industrial production commands lower salary levels than the European average (both direct and indirect employees), thus offering clear cost advantages, but at the same time providing advanced technology, highly skilled craftsmanship and top quality.

We are located in the center of Portugal and understand the national supply structure.
With our knowledge and high level skill set, we act as your local partner for supplier survey and selection, product development, validation and series delivery.

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Wondering if you should give it a try?
Speak to us.
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